RESPEC Board of Directors Appoints New Officers in December 2018

At RESPEC’s December 2018 Board of Directors’ meeting, the Board approved the appointment of three new Vice Presidents: Dr. Russell Persyn, Ms. Meagan Chaddick, and Mr. Jay Nopola.

Russell Persyn

Dr. Russell Persyn joined RESPEC in 2015 and opened RESPEC’s first Texas office in Castroville.  Before joining RESPEC, Russell served as the Watershed Engineering Manager at the San Antonio River Authority (SARA).  At SARA, Russell managed 25 engineers and technical professionals who oversaw planning, modeling, engineering design, and construction projects for SARA, the City of San Antonio, and Bexar County.  Since joining RESPEC, he has been instrumental in building a $1M net revenue business in Texas, which serves our clients from two locations in San Antonio and one location Austin.

Meagan Chaddick

Ms. Meagan Chaddick joined RESPEC through the 2017 acquisition of SSG Ltd., which is located in Richardson, Texas (Dallas area).  At the time of the acquisition, Meagan was SSG’s President.  Meagan has a bachelor of administration (BA) degree in accounting and a master’s degree in taxation.  Meagan currently leads the sales and marketing activities for RESPEC’s Data & Technology Solutions (DTS), and she was instrumental in integrating SSG into our DTS business unit.  In addition to her business development work in DTS, Meagan led the enterprise implementation of Salesforce, which is the first enterprise-wide, Client Relationship Management (CRM) system adopted within RESPEC outside of our financial management system.  Meagan is also championing the elevation of a corporate-wide marketing organization.

Jay Nopola

Mr. Jay Nopola joined RESPEC in 2011.  He has received undergraduate degrees in geological engineering and is currently finishing his doctorate degree in the same area of study.  Since joining RESPEC, Jay has been the lead Technical Professional in RESPEC’s Hard Rock Mechanics group.  Jay has been the driving force around two major Department of Energy research grants: the Deep Borehole project and the Thermal Fracturing project; both projects were multimillion-dollar awards.  Jay has been relentless in the pursuit of developing new clients and expanding RESPEC’s business interests into hard rock.

Russell, Meagan, and Jay join current RESPEC Vice Presidents Dr. Stephen Kan, Mr. Kerry DeVries, Dr. Leo Van Sambeek, and Mr. Rick Moser.  RESPEC’s Vice Presidents, as well as our Senior Vice Presidents and Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Executive Officer, participate in quarterly operating committee and Board of Directors’ meetings.  We whole-heartedly congratulate Russell, Meagan, and Jay on their appointments.


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