We assess and harden your cyber security so you don't have to.

At RESPEC, we understand the world of evolving cyber security threats, increasing regulations, global nature of business, changing political environments, and increasingly more sophisticated adversaries. Our experts will help you determine which of your assets are most at risk, who wants them, and how attackers may go about threatening those assets. We then help you determine the Return on Investment (ROI) for cyber security controls and mitigations to help you balance your needs for accessibility, confidentiality, and integrity with the realities of cost, time, and scope of work.

RESPEC’s team can give you insight and advice on options for mitigating, avoiding, transferring, or accepting risks and can help you formulate and implement security plans and security controls to better manage your cyber security risks. We are experienced in federal, state, and local cyber security requirements and standards and can help you get in compliance with NIST, CJIS, DFARS, GDPR, ISO, ERM, COSO, and many other standards.

  • Cyber Security Capabilities

    • Initial Security Assessments
    • Threat Modeling
    • Defining Security Policies and Procedures
    • Formulating and Implementing Security Plans
    • Security Testing and Penetration Testing
    • Static Code Analysis
    • Manual Peer Code Analysis
    • Security Life Cycle Development Process Formulation and Implementation
    • Planning and Executing Security Hack-A-Thons
    • Assessing Cyber Security Insurance Needs and Vendor Selection
    • Integrating Cyber Security Efforts with Enterprise Risk Management Efforts
    • Configuring and Securing Azure Cloud-Based Environments
    • Expert Consultation for Security Tool(s) Selection and Implementation

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