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Broadband Access

When communities are without reliable internet access, they can fall behind, missing opportunities and resources. RESPEC data and technology experts help communities overcome this digital divide and get the resources they need to thrive.

Our team of advisors, engineers, and technologists has deep expertise in broadband planning, design, and implementation, and we can assist with every aspect of broadband funding and access projects. From securing funding and identifying the best technologies to ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget, we can help communities access fast and reliable internet services.


RESPEC works with jurisdictions to develop comprehensive broadband strategic plans based on their unique needs and desired outcomes. Our team of broadband consultants, who have experience in public-sector, utility, and infrastructure projects, will lead a structured planning process that begins with a community needs assessment. This assessment will identify the areas that are underserved or unserved, as well as the current access options available.

The plan will be tailored to the specific needs of each community, and the multidisciplinary RESPEC team will develop a comprehensive set of deliverables based on the specific projects selected and design it to provide actionable insights and recommendations that address the identified needs and goals of the community.

An interconnected array of colored dots
construction work digging in fiber optic and high-speed data lines


RESPEC has a comprehensive skill set in site utility and broadband design, covering every stage of the project lifecycle. We have a diverse team of specialists who are equipped to handle all aspects of the pre-construction and construction services, including the following:

  • Broadband specialists who are well-versed in reviewing the required speeds and cabling infrastructure to meet broadband requirements
  • Site survey experts who can collect data on existing utility corridors and infrastructure
  • Planning professionals who work closely with user groups, including local residents, to identify the most optimal path for new utilities
  • Engineering expertise, including civil, electrical, and environmental engineers, who can design utility pathways and evaluate the environmental impact of any selected route
  • Construction administration and management personnel to assist and interact with contractors during construction

GIS & Mapping

RESPEC offers comprehensive GIS broadband mapping and analysis services. Our GIS team provides geospatial services ranging from mapping and analysis to enterprise GIS and custom application development. We use our programming expertise to create automated analysis routines to accelerate desired results, enabling stakeholders to make informed broadband planning and deployment decisions that achieve their goals and outcomes.

We specialize in identifying criteria and indicators for unserved/underserved service areas, using that information to develop GIS maps and web mapping applications that support implementing broadband strategies outlined by the community objectives, data requirements, and technical specifications. We understand the importance of accurate and reliable data in delivering the necessary results to improve broadband access. Our approach is to work closely with all stakeholders, using community engagement plans to understand specific community needs while meeting the parameters set by the state and federal requirements.

FCC map of broadband access in the United States
a community presentation

Community Engagement

Effectively harnessing public input and inspiring action is the difference between success and failure of every phase of a broadband initiative. As a full-service consulting firm, RESPEC has talent across numerous disciplines allowing our team to leverage the right people for every step of a project. Our community outreach planning will combine the above strengths to plan an engagement strategy that captures the audience, facilitates the necessary feedback, and compiles the information into an actionable plan for the community.

  • Stakeholder research and contact sourcing and tailored messaging development
  • Campaign branding, including website and comprehensive media toolkit (flyers, info sheets, etc.)
  • Social media, e-mail outreach planning, and execution
  • Direct mail marketing where appropriate
  • Newspaper, television, and radio advertising coordination


Broadband Mapping Challenged in New Mexico

The State of New Mexico, which ranks 39th nationally for internet access, asked RESPEC to help its communities challenge the FCC Broadband Map and improve their broadband access and position. RESPEC carried out the review and challenge to the FCC mapping across the state, encouraging community participation, and reporting thousands of location and availability challenges in just two months. Now communities across New Mexico are better positioned to receive maximum funding for high-speed infrastructure investments—potentially $80 million.