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Educational Data Solutions

Education is one of the cornerstones of our society, which is why so much is invested at every level. Parents, community leaders, and taxpayers alike are interested in knowing how funds in this area are being utilized; however, tracking, monitoring, compiling, and sharing this data is a huge undertaking.

Our solutions provide modern and approachable interactions with education finances both for education administrators on the back end and the inquiring public on the front end.

Statewide Cross-Agency Data Integration

To expand the accessibility and usability of statewide, cross-agency educational and workforce data, RESPEC manages a reliable reporting tool. Our experience working with Early Childhood, Public Education, Higher Education, Workforce, and Vocational agencies has allowed us to develop a large-data solution.

Cross-Agency Outcomes

  • Academic Growth
  • School Quality and Student Success
  • College Enrollment
  • Workforce Outcomes
  • Financial Aid Analysis
  • Wage Visibility for Undergraduate Students
screen capture of RISE NM, a RESPEC data integration project

Financial Transparency

As part of the Every Student Succeeds Act, states are responsible for identifying resource inequalities, including a review of local education agencies and school-level budgeting. RESPEC has built Public Education Financial Transparency Dashboards to do just that.

For example, New Mexico's Open Book allows for citizens to review revenues, expenditures, and other financial data through a simple and straightforward dashboard. Users can review financial data from the state level down to individual schools with the ability to compare districts and schools.

Professional Development Information System (PDIS)

RESPEC created a PDIS to empower a cohesive, equitable, and effective workforce. Our solution stores, tracks, and manages an individual's professional development.

RESPEC's solution delivers a new class of professional development to organizations. We understand the world of educators and students can be disruptive and challenging. A lack of tools and access to resources can inhibit teachers from using efficient and effective teaching methods.

We plan for a future in which organizations can effortlessly understand the training an individual has received and plan to upskill them for their career development.

A screenshot from a RESPEC Professional Development Information System (PDIS) project
An on-screen example of educational budget tracking software created by RESPEC

Statewide Budget Management System

RESPEC provides a statewide, automated, end-to-end budget management system. Our solution allows for budget creation, tracking, and administration, along with a data warehouse.

The system is designed to work with Public Education Departments, school districts, and charter schools to actively manage an education budget.

We've integrated with over 15 financial systems using many forms of data integration. The Budget Management System has also enabled the delivery of the associated, legislatively mandated program management; financial reporting; and required reports to the Governor, Legislature, and public.

Improved Budget Management in New Mexico

Since 2006, RESPEC’s Operating Budget Management System (OBMS) has helped the State of New Mexico's Public Education Department (PED) automate and manage many aspects of its nearly $7 billion annual budget, including initial planning and approval, adjustments and actuals reconciliation, and historical auditing. PED and RESPEC staff collaborated on reengineering the business process to optimize and automate workflow processes by creating a single data repository and set of utilities with role-based security features, servicing 600-700 active users throughout the year.