As world-renowned experts in engineering, geology, information systems, and technology, RESPEC is a global leader in integrated solutions for mining, minerals, and energy. In the spirit of stewardship, RESPEC’s unique team of distinguished professionals offers mining and mineral clients the expertise to maximize project returns while respecting the economic, social, and environmental well-being of a community.

And, when it comes to rocks, we rock.

As a global leader in rock mechanics, RESPEC’s engineering team is a combining force of integrated backgrounds in geosciences. Across a variety of industries that RESPEC serves, successful designs start with quality soil and rock data. RESPEC’s team delivers expertise in rock mechanics to determine the strength of a rock mass and its capacity to resist applied forces or respond to dynamic loading.

Our natural world has been modified to such an extent that the “easy” engineering projects are becoming fewer and fewer. As mines and infrastructure projects continue to advance into more difficult territory where excavations are larger, mines are deeper, and grades are lower, requirements are generally becoming more complex. Simple engineering and “rule of thumb” processes don’t apply as engineering projects advance. The highest levels of theory, observation, and expertise must work together to create the safest and most innovative rock mechanics solutions in mining and energy projects.

World-renowned experts in geoscience, engineering, and technology, RESPEC is a global leader in integrated technology solutions and consulting for mining, minerals, and energy. In the spirit of stewardship, RESPEC’s unique team of distinguished professionals offers mining and mineral clients the expertise to maximize project returns while respecting the economic, social, and environmental well-being of a community.

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RESPEC is proud to showcase a long history of  projects across the full spectrum of Mining & Energy projects. While we have more than 100 projects and case studies available for viewing on our Web site, we've selected a few projects here to introduce a small fraction of work that our team has successfully completed with our partners.

With the addition of PDC Engineers in 2020 and Mine Development Associates (MDA) in 2018, RESPEC expanded our Mining & Energy expertise and increased our global footprint. PDC Engineers, based out of Fairbanks, AK, provides all facets of engineering services in the horizontal and vertical infrastructure markets. MDA, based out of Reno, NV, brought a 30-year history of work in the mining community and a team of Registered Professional Geologists and Professional Mining Engineers with extensive experience in metals such as gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, platinum, and palladium, as well as in industrial minerals.

RESPEC's Mining & Energy Webinar Series started in 2020 and is continuing strong into 2021. With two webinars in the books, Blasting in Close Quarters: From Quarry to Construction Blasting and Getting Ready for a Mineral Estimate, we have a full schedule planned for the rest of the year. RESPEC's next Webinar will take place Thursday, March 18th, 1pm EST and cover Hydrogen and Energy Storage for the Future presented by Sam Voegeli, RESPEC Staff Engineer with experience in geotechnical engineering, primarily in performing numerical and analytical modeling for rock- and salt-mechanics studies.

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Interested in learning more about RESPEC's Mining & Energy services? Reach out to our team with any questions or just simply chat about what we can do together.

Alan Campoli

Dr. Alan Campoli has more than 35 years of engineering and sales experience in the mining and tunneling industries.

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Peter Christensen

Peter Christensen has extensive international experience including project development, operations management and consulting in open-cut and underground mining in a broad range of commodities.

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Tom Dyer

Tom Dyer has more than 23 years of experience as a practicing mining engineer and has performed tasks associated with an operating mine, including the Cortez gold mine in Beowawe, Nevada.

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Andy TenBrink

Andy TenBrink is responsible for managing GeoSequel sales, expanding RESPEC's geologic-resource modeling, resource estimation, and mine planning capabilities.

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John Morgan

John Morgan is a mining consultant with extensive experience in both surface and underground mining for the extracting metalliferous ores, coal, and industrial minerals.

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Edmundo LaPorte

Edmundo LaPorte is a licensed professional engineer with experience in multiple industrial mineral, metal, coal, and hard-rock mining projects in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

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Mike Ricci

Mike Ricci has experience with environmental permitting, geologic modeling, mine planning and evaluation, and regulatory compliance.

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Tabetha Stirrett

Tabetha Stirrett’s professional experience has revolved around geoscience work in the potash, oil-and-gas, gold, and coal industries and has taken her to projects all over North America to South America, Europe, and southeast Asia.

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Debra Shewfelt

With nearly 2 decades of career experience in research, natural-resource exploration, environmental assessments, and community engagement, Deb Shewfelt brings a diverse perspective to her work, identifying inclusive and sustainable business practices.

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Jay Nopola

Jay Nopola has over 15 years of experience in geological and geotechnical engineering.

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Michelle St. Louis

With 20 years in mining and energy Michelle St. Louis is a professional geologist possessing diverse expertise in exploration and development including her 10 year oil and gas career at Husky Energy, Oil sands development, frac sand exploration and development, and plenty of hands on drilling experience which included sampling for Canadian diamonds.

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Stephen Kan

Dr. Stephen Kan has over 20 years of international mining experience in project assessment and lifecycle development.

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Kiersten Briggs

Kiersten Briggs has 20 years of experience working in geologic modeling, exploration, environmental compliance, and geotechnical projects in the western U.S.

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Honore Rowe

Honore Rowe is a staff geologist in our Lexington, Kentucky office.

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Patrick Wieck

Patrick Wieck is a licensed professional mining engineer with over 15 years of operational and consulting experience both internationally and domestically.

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Jeff Bickel

Jeff Bickel has over 10 years of experience in mineral exploration and mining project development.

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Carolyn McCannon

Carolyn McCannon specializes in geological modeling, resource and reserve estimation in accordance with international guidelines, cost analysis, and mine reclamation.

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Ben Haugen

Ben Haugen has more than 7 years of experience in the mining industry and is RESPEC’s leader in applied remote sensing and open-pit slope stability.

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Tyler Artz

Tyler Artz has worked with the RESPEC Mining and Energy division for 5 years. His background in and understanding of mining and geomechanical engineering have provided excellent support to the team. Tyler also leads our partnership with Carlson Software Inc. through the sales and service work of their products.

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