BRM Hosted Managed Services

RESPEC’s BRM Hosted Managed Services is an end-to-end solution that is hosted in Century Link’s cloud for Oracle BRM instances. With the experience and know-how to avoid pitfalls, our award-winning team offers total assurance to clients when implementing and managing a new billing system.  With decades of billing expertise and a thorough understanding of Oracle BRM, RESPEC’s team has created a powerful billing system inside today’s most secure environment.

RESPEC’s BRM Hosted Managed Services solution is for any company with complex billing rules that needs to quickly roll out new product offerings.  RESPEC manages your billing platform using Oracle BRM, which is hosted in Century Link’s cloud, at a predictable monthly cost.  Century Link was selected because it is one of the most secure environments that exceed typical security standards and is PCI compliant.


Clients use BRM Hosted Managed Services to:

  • Implement and manage a secure billing system
  • Reduce up-front licensing and hardware cost
  • Gain assurance based on best security and PCI compliance


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