RESPEC’s Billing & Revenue Management (BRM) Flex is a sophisticated, Java-based, object-oriented encapsulation of Oracle BRM. It shields developers from the proprietary Flist-oriented Application Programming Interface (API) used by BRM.  BRM-Flex integrates many years of RESPEC’s experienced business logic and facilitates integration via web services and service bus architectures to Oracle and non-Oracle systems.  BRM-Flex benefits clients by reducing the customization of the core BRM product and results in simplified BRM development.

One of RESPEC’s billing and revenue management products, BRM-Flex offers support for best-of-class, heterogeneous environments that allow developers to work in a familiar environment with an object-oriented Java API.  BRM-Flex uses current best-practice developer frameworks and reduces integration time.

Clients use BRM-Flex to:

  • Reduce customization of core BRM products and simplify BRM development
  • Support best-of-class, heterogeneous environments
  • Work in a familiar environment with an object-oriented Java API
  • Use current best practice developer frameworks
  • Reduce integration time