Advancing Compressed Air Energy Storage

Filling the gap in renewable Energy 

2017 - Present
Hydrostor Inc.

Because electricity production from the burgeoning wind and solar industries is unpredictable and variable, using energy storage technology has recently become a key component in our shift toward renewable energy.  By storing energy when production is high or demand is low, we can balance the variable nature of wind and solar energy.  To fill this gap in renewable energy, Toronto-based Hydrostor introduced an advanced compressed air energy storage (A-CAES) technology.  The A-CAES design revolves around compressing and storing air in specially designed underground caverns.  The stored air can later be withdrawn and expanded through a turbine to produce electricity as needed, which essentially creates an extremely large battery.

Hydrostor contracted RESPEC to design all aspects involving geology, geotechnical engineering, and mining.  RESPEC has been working with Hydrostor on projects that range from initial geological research (both in the field and on the desktop) of potential project sites to Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies for the A-CAES system construction.  Because the energy storage industry has recently seen increased focus and rapid growth, Hydrostor has had to act quickly to secure projects, and RESPEC has responded with agility and flexibility.


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Image for NYSEG Seneca Lake Compressed Air Energy Storage Project

NYSEG Seneca Lake Compressed Air Energy Storage Project Seneca Lake, New York