Scoping out mine resources to transform your operation.

Using either the results of a RESPEC-managed exploration program or client-supplied data, RESPEC has a range of in-house modeling capabilities to develop sophisticated geologic models.  After the resource model is developed, RESPEC conducts project feasibility studies of all levels that combine the resource quality and quantity information with mine plan development, processing and infrastructure requirements, and detailed economics.

Our distinguished team uses modeling packages including Surpac, Vulcan, Rockware, and Carlson.  For certain datasets, our professionals also use GIS solutions for data analysis and presentation. The output from the modeling is presented in both tabular format and graphically, either as plans and sections or as solid or dynamic three-dimensional renderings of the orebody.  Based on the modeling and geologic data review, RESPEC provides resource and reserve reports and reserve certifications.  We are experienced in preparing reports compliant with Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC), SEC , National Instrument (NI) 43-101, or PERC.

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    • Financial Modeling and Guidance
    • Strategic Planning
    • Risk Analysis and Management
    • Governance Advisement
    • Market Consultancy Services
    • Document Preparation and Negotiation
    • Expert Opinion
    • Litigation Support

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Founded in 1969, RESPEC is a global leader in geoscience, engineering, data, and integrated technology solutions for major industry sectors.

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Mining & Energy

Global leaders in geoscience and engineering with comprehensive integrated technology solutions for safety, productivity, and peak efficiency.
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Learn more about related projects where RESPEC has proven our expertise in this area.

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3D Subsurface Geology Visualization in the Appalachian Basin

Synthesizing subsurface geology data to generate three-dimensional models to support the visualization of geology at underground mining operations, from the core hole to the region
Image for 3D Subsurface Geology Visualization in the Appalachian Basin

Alpha Natural Resources-Bonding

Reducing a bond obligation by $146 million through an innovative approach to pit backfilling.
Image for Alpha Natural

Buffalo Coal Litigation

Evaluating the reclamation liabilities of Buffalo Coal Company and its future mining operations during bankruptcy proceedings.
Image for Buffalo Coal Litigation

Cadre Resources – Venezuela

Evaluating an alluvial deposit to determine the economic potential for recovering gold, diamonds and titanium from the Rosita Concession on the Lower Caroni River.
Image for Cadre Resources – Venezuela

Cemex Arizona Operations – Due Diligence

Assisting Oldcastle by reviewing the Cemex aggregates assets in the Tucson region as part of their due-diligence analysis.
Image for Cemex Arizona Operations – Due Diligence

Cemex Black Mountain Quarry

Preparing a geologic block model using Gemcon-Surpac software, pit plan, and detailed mine plan.
Image for Cemex Black Mountain Quarry

Clanton Classic Stone

Providing business and engineering services to Clanton Classic Stone that aided in its development of an economically successful marble quarry in northwest Alabama.
Image for Clanton Classic Stone

Crater of Diamonds

Preparing a Request for Proposal for a feasibility study to solicit interest from mining companies to participate in mining of reserve construction management services.
Image for Crater of Diamonds

Due Diligence for Mining Merger

Performing due diligence for the potential purchase of divested assets related to a merger of mining companies.
Mining Site Aerial View

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Determining the feasibility of consolidating granite quarrying and processing facilities as part of an industry rationalization in the Ukraine.
Image for European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Hilltop Dayton Property Evaluation

Developing a resource evaluation and mine plan for three sand-and-gravel operations.
Image for Hilltop Dayton Property Evaluation

Horse Creek Abandoned Mine

Conducting field investigations and inventorying abandoned underground and surface-mining features associated with the Horse Creek Limestone Mine.
Image for Horse Creek Abandoned Mine

Lappeenranta Finnsementti Resource Review

Evaluating ways to increase limestone supply from the Nordkalk Quarry to match demand at the recently expanded Finnsementti cement factory.
Image for Lappeenranta Finnsementti Resource Review

My Home Industries

Assisting CRH in the due-diligence review of the limestone quarries associated with a cement factory.
Image for My Home Industries

Parainen Finnsementti Resource Review

Assisting CRH in its review of the Nordkalk Quarry operations to improve long-term future planning.
Image for Parainen Finnsementti Resource Review

Patriot Hobet 45 Mine Planning and Permitting

Assisted Patriot Coal in the analysis of a pending 404 permit.
Image for Patriot Hobet 45 Mine Planning and Permitting

Quarry Valuation for Hilltop Stone

Assisting Hilltop Stone in the due-diligence effort associated with evaluating a limestone mine acquisition in Pendleton County, Kentucky.
Image for Quarry Valuation for Hilltop Stone

Quarry Valuation for Sterling Materials

Developing a detailed valuation of a Greenfield limestone mine.
Image for Quarry Valuation for Sterling Materials

Rock Mechanics and Ground-Support Modeling

Providing ground-support modeling for a due-diligence assessment.
Image for Rock Mechanics and Ground-Support Modeling

Sylacauga Marble Quarry

Evaluating and reviewing the performance of a stone quarry while offering advice and mine planning services.
Image for Sylacauga Marble Quarry

Trinmar Environmental Review

Providing technical assistance to the Trinmar offshore oil company of Trinidad and Tobago.
Image for Trinmar Environmental Review

Underground Mine Development and Blast Study

Providing daily engineering and assistance to the development of a 1.3-million-ton-per-year underground limestone mine in northeastern Missouri.
Image for Underground Mine Development and Blast Study

Unsuitable Environmental Impact Statement

Preparing an Environmental Impact Statement for a Lands Unsuitable Petition in Tennessee.
Image for Unsuitable Environmental Impact Statement

Western Aggregates

Conducting a distribution analysis to define reserves that could be obtained from surface mining and projecting aggregate blend to determine the value of the goldfields.
Image for Western Aggregates
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RESPEC Acquires North Rim Exploration

By acquiring North Rim, RESPEC broadens its technical expertise in the mining and energy sectors, while expanding services to its Canadian client base.
Image for RESPEC Acquires North Rim Exploration
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