Navigating uncharted waters. RESPEC has the groundwater and surface-water modeling and ecological expertise to address the complexities of any wetland system.

When clients need solutions for restoring natural hydrologic conditions to wetland sites that have been altered or drained,  RESPEC’s scientists and engineers perform a baseline study using industry-accepted practices and GPS to document and define area conditions and boundaries. Addressing your hydrology, ecology, and resource management goals for the project, we provide the restoration design and construction plans for hydrologic and ecological restoration.  RESPEC wetland scientists are trained per the 1987 US Army Corps of Engineers’ Wetlands Delineation Manual and regional supplements. We use industry-accepted practices to document indicators of hydric soils, wetland hydrology, and hydrophytic vegetation at wetland/upland boundaries when performing wetland delineations.

Because wetlands provide critical functions for the landscape, high-quality wetlands are essential for a healthy ecosystem. The complex groundwater and surface-water interactions, coupled with wetland ecosystem functions and values, must be understood to develop effective restoration and management options. Each wetland or wetland complex is unique, and RESPEC has the groundwater and surface-water modeling and ecological expertise to address the complexities of the system and design custom restoration and management plans. The resulting restoration is an aesthetic and functional wetland and waterway. We  are well versed in the federal Clean Water Act and state regulations protecting wetlands and routinely prepare Section 404 permit applications for work within wetlands.



    • Stream Reach Assessment and Feasibility Analyses
    • Channel Migration Zones (CMZs)
    • Process-Based Restoration Design
    • Sediment-Transport Analyses
    • Construction Documents
    • Construction Oversight and Management
    • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Bioengineering

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