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Updating Oracle Business & Revenue Management (BRM) for a Communications Giant

Client: CenturyLink Technology Solutions
Location: St. Louis, Missouri

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Before their acquisition by CenturyLink (the second largest US communications provider to global enterprise customers in more than 60 countries), Savvis, Inc. (now a subsidiary of CenturyLink) needed Oracle Business & Revenue Management (BRM) training and a risk-free technology upgrade to a more supportive operating system (OS).  The massive number of changes involved from the hardware OS, database, and application layers introduced a substantial risk to the upgrade project.  To overcome the significant risk of switching to the latest OS version of BRM, Savvis hired the RESPEC team, based on our professional know-how, Oracle BRM expertise, and our data and information systems track record.

In the project’s early stages, Savvis had four billing systems, including an older version of Oracle BRM, but no internal BRM expertise.  They needed to consolidate all of their systems into one billing platform.  Our team presented a customized, 3-day training course about BRM using their existing version.  After Savvis understood the true power of the system’s capabilities, BRM was the single billing system of choice.

RESPEC’s team stabilized and cleaned up the company’s outdated BRM system, added new capabilities, and launched the client’s first public cloud offering to the market.  The 4-month project was so successful that Oracle showcased it at their major conference, Oracle Open World.  Our next major effort was to integrate the other billing systems into BRM as the company’s only billing system. A full upgrade to the latest version of BRM was performed successfully.

RESPEC’s award-winning team used a parallel-run approach to compare the new version with the old version.  When performing tax runs, bill runs, and invoices, comparators validated the new version while performing multiple iterations to check data for errors.

CenturyLink executives were very pleased with the successful upgrade and the seamless integration.  Our team met their technical and business management goals within their schedule and budget.  RESPEC received high praise for deploying the new system and being a fully engaged partner; the client also noted our team’s high level of knowledge and our great attitude.

RESPEC is pleased to continue working with a global provider as they fulfill an increased demand for reliable and secure connections, manage accelerated network and IT complexity, and provide better cyber security solutions to millions of customers.