Product Details

Used by mining clients worldwide, RESPEC’s blastFeeder™ is a geospatial database management tool that reports and tracks every blast by capturing data in the field and syncing to the cloud.

RESPEC’s blastFeeder™ is a geospatial database management tool that can be used to report and track every blast by capturing data in the field and syncing to the cloud. The application centrally manages data via an easily accessible web application and features interactive maps for viewing, searching, and analyzing data. Simple maps, searching capabilities, and reporting options make blastFeeder™ ideal for capturing information on each blast for a single mine site or a multi-mine operation.

blastFeeder™ has a mobile app that can be used for capturing data in the field even when you are not connected to the Internet. This information is automatically synchronized to the cloud database when a connection is restored. The easy-to-use mobile app is designed specifically for fieldwork. Real-time information, notes, and photographs are connected to GIS points that are captured with GPS- enabled devices or high-accuracy Bluetooth GPS devices.


Clients use blastFeeder™  to:

  • Control drill-and-blast costs.
  • Zero in on drill-and-blast parameters that cause elevated costs, complaints, and high air-blast and ground vibrations.
  • Report every blast.