Project Details

Advancing a greenfield potash project with successful drilling, geological modeling, and resource estimations.

Client: Canada Golden Fortune Potash Corp.
Time Span: 2014–Current
Location: East of Regina, Saskatchewan

In 2014, Canada Golden Fortune Potash Corp. (CGFPC) contacted our Saskatoon office for assistance with their exploration program. Our geoscientists assessed their property and identified three potential drillhole targets for exploration. RESPEC completed all of the geological work on the core samples from these wells in terms of logging, assaying, and preparing samples at the RESPEC Core Laboratory.

In 2015, our drilling and geology teams worked with CGFPC as part of the planning team to determine drillhole locations and spacing to optimize the potential potash resource. We completed a full-procurement drilling program, supervised core recoveries, and logged all potash core extracted from the property. Our resource-estimation geoscientists estimated the potash resource using a three-dimensional Vulcan model and completed two technical reports that followed National Instrument (NI) 43-101 guidelines.

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