Cavern Storage & Disposal Wells

Leading the transformation of hydrocarbon and renewable energy storage in underground caverns, RESPEC’s team is backed by 50 years of experience in bedded and domal salt formation usage and conventional hardrock excavations. As the industry’s technical services leader, RESPEC provides expertise in renewable and hydrocarbon energy storage, well design, and waste disposal projects all over the world.

Our engineers have a dedicated focus in designing caverns as reliable reservoirs for renewable and conventional energy products, and nonhazardous industrial waste from oil fields and production processes. Applying advanced analysis of structural and thermodynamic behavior, RESPEC’s multidisciplinary team supports cavern operators in optimizing siting, design, and operation of their cavern assets.

As renewable energy sources gain more market share, RESPEC has remained an energy services leader with underground cavern solutions to facilitate efficient storage of compressed air and hydrogen. Functioning as “energy banks,” RESPEC’s cavern storage solutions for renewable energy help balance energy demands during peak and off-peak hours.

Using advanced geomechanics, RESPEC’s team has evaluated over 1,000 caverns in nearly every major cavern storage region in the world. Building on decades of cavern experience, RESPEC has developed five in-house software programs specifically tailored to the unique analysis requirements of solution-mined and hardrock excavated caverns.

Specializing in well design, waste disposal, and the storage of liquid hydrocarbons, natural gas, compressed air, and hydrogen, our engineers and scientists focus on the geological, hydrological, geomechanical, and thermodynamic aspects of cavern projects. Combining our diverse capabilities in geologic studies, rock-core testing, computer modeling, and field testing, RESPEC helps cavern operators plan new cavern developments, optimize existing caverns, comply with regulatory requirements, and ensure the continued safety and success of cavern operations.

Cavern Storage & Disposal Wells Products

RESPEC’s product line is geared towards making businesses and organizations better, faster, smarter, and safer. Our products benefit clients in need of greater efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

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