Clanton Classic Stone

Providing business and engineering services to Clanton Classic Stone that aided in its development of an economically successful marble quarry in northwest Alabama.

Florence, Alabama
Clanton Classic Stone

RESPEC prepared a business plan for Clanton Classic Stone that included detailed operating budgets and capital expenditure estimates. In addition, RESPEC completed a comprehensive market analysis, which reviewed the US finished stone market to estimate the company’s potential marble sales.

RESPEC prepared a valuation report of the company by using an updated market analysis, new aerial mapping, and a bankable reserves study that was prepared as part of the core-drilling program that RESPEC managed. The report determined that an income approach based on the royalty income from the reserve was the preferred approach to determining value. The valuation detailed the development of the assumed royalty rate and the selection of the discount factor.

RESPEC also provided operational support, prepared state permit applications, and developed a Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) compliance program. In addition, RESPEC developed the site plan and layout for the marble-processing facility; conducted value engineering of the equipment selection and layout; and monitored daily quarrying activities, including negotiating equipment leases and purchases.