Taking Control of the mine site. Our top priority is providing clients with a holistic approach to reducing mine costs.

RESPEC’s explosives engineering division specializes in solving critical drilling-and-blasting issues safely and effectively.  The team combines their advanced knowledge of drilling and blasting with experience in mine planning and operations to provide a unique turnkey approach to improving drilling-and-blasting operations with a focus on improving overall mining unit costs.

RESPEC’s drill-and-blast experts have specialized experience in all aspects of blast design and optimization for metal/nonmetal surface and underground blasting.  That experience also includes specialty projects, such as equipment rescue, collapse blasting of voids and underground workings, explosive storage design, blast vibration and proximity concerns, mine-to-mill studies, and forensic investigation and expert-witness testimony.  RESPEC also provides management services with training, auditing, and contractor negotiations and instrumentation services such as vibration and airblast monitoring, pre- and post-blast surveys, data evaluation, and data management.

RESPEC is actively involved in professional societies and associations to ensure that personnel continue to be on the cutting edge of technologies and practices.  RESPEC also actively works with educational institutions to provide a unique combination of academic and industry expertise.  We have a proud history of delivering unique, safe solutions to common and uncommon drilling-and-blasting problems for our clients.


    • Specialty Blasting
    • Surface and Underground Services
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Safety and Training

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Founded in 1969, RESPEC is a global leader in geoscience, engineering, data, and integrated technology solutions for major industry sectors.

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Mining & Energy

Global leaders in geoscience and engineering with comprehensive integrated technology solutions for safety, productivity, and peak efficiency.
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RESPEC’s product line is geared towards making businesses and organizations better, faster, smarter, and safer. Our products benefit clients in need of greater efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

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RESPEC’s blastFeeder™ is a geospatial database management tool that reports and tracks every blast by capturing data in the field and syncing to the Cloud.
An image of a blasting operation of a rock hill to make way for an airport runway expansion project.
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Appalachia’s First Multi-Cycle Natural Gas Storage System

Evaluating chilled natural-gas storage in bedded salt storage caverns. 
Bedded Salt

Blast–Induced Dewatering Investigation

Reviewing and offering solutions for a spring dewatering case.
Image for Blast–Induced
Dewatering Investigation

Héming Limestone Quarry, France

Introducing drill-and-blast methods to a mining operation.
Earth movers excavating mine site

Kinross Chirano Paboase Underground Gold Operation

Review and instrument drill and blast operations and produce site specific drill-and-blast training materials.
Image for Kinross Chirano Paboase Underground Gold Operation

Landslide investigation

Investigating a potential blast-induced landslide.
Image for Landslide

Patsy Blasting Case

Reviewing a blast operation as a potential cause of residential blast damage.
Image for Patsy Blasting Case

Pine Mountain Settlement School

Providing seismic monitoring of the impact of blasting activity near a school recognized as a National Historic Landmark.
Image for Pine Mountain Settlement School

Quarries in the Philippines

Conducting a drill-and-blast operation improvement study.
Image for Quarries in the Philippines

Surface Coal Mine Cast Blast for Reclamation

Using cast blast designs in mine reclamation.
Image for Surface Coal Mine Cast Blast for Reclamation

Twin metals

Producing a longitudinal longhole retreat underground blast design.
Image for Twin metals

Underground airblast

Conducting an underground airblast study.
Image for Underground

Underground heading design

Improving blast design for an underground mine development project.
Image for Underground heading design
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RESPEC Partners with Kentucky’s Carlson Software

RESPEC is pleased to announce a new strategic agreement with Carlson Software, Inc., a company specializing in CAD design software, data collection, and machine control products.
Image for RESPEC Partners with Kentucky’s Carlson Software

RESPEC Welcomes Morgan Worldwide

RESPEC diversifies service offerings in mining and energy services through the acquisition of Morgan Worldwide.
Image for RESPEC Welcomes Morgan Worldwide
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Nathan Rouse, PhD, PE
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