Finally, a group of engineers for engineers.  In hard-to-reach places, even the smartest people need help.

Spanning a broad diversity of geoscience technologies and industry applications, RESPEC’s instrument designs are tailored to fit your specific applications.  Since 1969, RESPEC’s engineers have worked with clients in both the public and private sectors to develop instrumentation solutions and custom systems for a variety of industries, including geotechnical monitoring, mine services, environmental monitoring, water quality and quantity monitoring, agricultural monitoring, and irrigation automation.  Our systems capture data in real time, for viewing or downloading, using our online data management, reporting, and visualization services. In addition to installing systems, our engineers, modelers, and GIS specialists also analyze, evaluate, and interpret the data.

Our certified team has installed weather stations on volcanoes, monitoring systems in caves, creep-closure detection in mines, custom extensometers and early-warning alarm systems near sinkholes, strain gages on steep granite faces, automated water samplers in raging rivers, and tiltmeters in swamps. We’ve designed heater-control systems for long-term, waste-disposal and high-temperature, rock-melt experiments. RESPEC has the proven expertise to design, fabricate, and deploy simple, economical, and robust instruments with accuracy.

RESPEC’s team has Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) certifications, security clearances, professional engineering licenses, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) 40-hour training certificates, and passports and gear to access the most remote locations on the planet. RESPEC is a Campbell Scientific Partner and incorporates Campbell’s gear in many instrumentation projects to achieve rugged, long-term, low cost solutions solutions to field and environmental data collection and automation.


    • Underground Mining Applications
    • Subsidence and Slope Stability Monitoring
    • Surface Water and Hydrogeology
    • High-Resolution Video Monitoring
    • Real-Time Early-Warning Systems
    • Web-Based Real-Time Data Visualization
    • Remote-Data Acquisition

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Founded in 1969, RESPEC is a global leader in geoscience, engineering, data, and integrated technology solutions for major industry sectors.

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Data & Technology

Leading-edge innovators in mission-critical technology solutions that transform organizations for peak performance.
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Mining & Energy

Global leaders in geoscience and engineering with comprehensive integrated technology solutions for safety, productivity, and peak efficiency.
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Water & Environment

World-class water experts, smart technology, and sustainable water management solutions that protect natural resources.
Stormwater Management, Drainage Analyses, Channel Restoration Design and Construction
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Rock Instrumentation

RESPEC’s product line features simple, rugged rock mechanics instruments that measure excavation performance, monitor potentially unstable ground, and ensure safer access.
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Video Gauge™

Imetrum’s Video Gauge™ is a video measurement system that provides measurement versatility far beyond any other technology on the market.
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Cook Lake Slope Stability Monitoring

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Detailed Pillar Evaluation

Creating practical solutions in critical areas.
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Emergency Repair of an Early-Warning System

Providing an emergency repair of an early-warning lightning system to protect 1,400 contractors.
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Everglades National Park Road-Base Monitoring

Protecting the Everglades National Park by Maximizing Water Delivery
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Headframe Monitoring With Video Gauge

Assisting in rehabilitating a hoisting headframe at an underground salt mine.
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I&W Brine Cavern

Installing and monitoring an early-warning system for a brine cavern beneath several features including two major highways.
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Long-Term Ground Control in Critical Areas

Evaluating the functional life of ground support.
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Mount Rushmore Rock Block Monitoring System

Maintaining and operating the Rock Block Monitoring System at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial—one of the most iconic landmarks in the US.
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Napoleonville Salt Dome Sinkhole Monitoring

Providing field geoscience services support at a developing sinkhole at a salt dome.
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Rock Mechanics and Ground-Support Modeling

Providing ground-support modeling for a due-diligence assessment.
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Slope Stability Monitoring

Developing instrumentation to monitor slope stability near a dry sinkhole.
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Technical Support for SDDOT’s Pile Load Testing Program

Developing an extensive database of field test results on deep foundation piles to improve design methods.
Image for Technical Support for SDDOT’s Pile Load Testing Program

Underground airblast

Conducting an underground airblast study.
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Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Providing on-call support for field testing and programming for systems that characterize hydrology and geologic structures.
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