Independent Verification & Validation

Providing Independent Verification & Validation services to verify the status of orders, shipments, and provider inventories to improve efficiency and accountability.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Public Health Division of the New Mexico Department of Health

The Public Health Division (PHD) of the New Mexico Department of Health (DOH) initiated a project to integrate NMSIIS (the immunization registry that stores data associated with all immunizations administered in New Mexico) and VtrckS (the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s [CDC’s] inventory and ordering application for publicly funded vaccines).  The new integrated system would give providers across the state of New Mexico access to the status of orders, shipments, and provider inventories, thereby improving the efficiency and accountability of public dollars used to purchase vaccines.  Because of the financial accountability to the public for this large project, RESPEC was contracted to provide Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services.

RESPEC staff provided early intervention on the project when problems arose with vendor deliverables and project management. Calling a meeting shortly after the project began, RESPEC’s  IV&V services provided a variety of solutions to the vendor’s problems. RESPEC staff also provided document templates to track the vendor’s progress in providing deliverables and action items.

Improvements in the project after the initial meeting with RESPEC’s IV&V team (and with assistance from our ongoing monitoring) were easy to identify. RESPEC’s guidance was recognized by the Deputy Chief Information Officer as providing critical recommendations at an early stage of the project and assisting the project to close out successfully and on schedule.