RESPEC Announces Jay Nopola as Mining & Energy Senior Vice President

RESPEC congratulates Jay Nopola on his promotion to Senior Vice President of Mining & Energy (M&E). He follows in the footsteps of John Morgan who remains at RESPEC as a Senior Vice President and helps Jay and clients transition into this new chapter. In RESPEC’s 53-year history, Jay is only the fourth person to lead M&E—a testament to both our employees’ staying power and our business units’ longevity.

Like many RESPEC employees, Jay has worked here for most of his career, securing our leadership’s trust and benefiting from our commitment to nurture employees and promote them as they develop professionally. His journey to RESPEC started at the South Dakota School of Mines where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering. After a decade spent working at other companies, he joined our company and began coursework for a Master of Science in Geological Engineering, which he earned in 2013, and a Ph.D., which he continues pursuing.

“My interests and family history led me to engineering. Fate brought me to mining, but RESPEC advanced my career,” says Jay. “I’m honored to now lead the department that has given me and others so much.”

Jay has provided geological and geotechnical engineering services, which have been focused on expanding RESPEC’s hard rock mechanics offerings, and has served as our Vice President of M&E. As a result, Jay has helped increase M&E’s offerings and grow our clientele. His dedication not only allowed RESPEC to provide more solutions. It also demonstrated that Jay is the right person for RESPEC’s Senior Vice President of M&E.

John Morgan, Jay’s predecessor, confirms this sentiment. “I’ve watched Jay grow our team and expand RESPEC’s reach,” he says. “He has the skill set to lead M&E, and Jay’s appointment indicates RESPEC is growing healthily.”

Now Jay will guide M&E as it offers services in the metals, energy, construction materials, and industrial materials markets. He will also oversee our continued exploration into clean energy projects. “Energy is becoming green, and these changes impact our clients,” says Jay. “Fortunately, RESPEC’s team can assist with the transition and help clients and other clean energy efforts keep things going forward.”

RESPEC has experts in critical commodities exploration, subsurface energy storage and carbon sequestration, and raw material excavation—all of which go hand in hand with these climate adaptation projects. Two people spearheading these efforts alongside Jay are Stephen Kan and Tabetha Stirrett, both M&E Vice Presidents. Together, they are advancing RESPEC’s presence across North America and into other continents.

Join RESPEC in welcoming our new Senior Vice President, Jay Nopola!

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