RESPEC Names David Gallegos Vice President of Data & Technology Solutions Unit

RESPEC proudly announces David Gallegos as the new Vice President of its Data & Technology Solutions (DTS) business unit. David will work with Senior Vice President Meagan Chaddick and Vice President Denise Quick as part of DTS’s leadership team. With over 15 years of experience as an information technology professional, David now focuses on driving technology in all lines of business, bringing innovation and growth to the organization. 

After graduating from the University of North Texas with a degree in electronics engineering technology, David began his career automating factories across North America before transitioning into firmware engineering, where he led research and design (R&D) teams in creating new hardware products. He also owned a consulting firm, where he built web applications and helped companies manage large capital projects.  

“I really enjoyed working with R&D because you’re creating solutions that will make a difference in people’s lives,” says David. “And that’s what I love to do: create. So, a friend recommended RESPEC.” 

David joined RESPEC in 2018, attracted to its diversity of market services, from water and environment to mining and energy to data and technology. He started as a principal consultant and worked across various areas, with projects that spanned federal government agencies, state agencies, and private companies. Under his leadership, the projects and contracts he led saw growth, resulting in his promotion to Director of Professional Services. In that role, David oversaw six non-federal programs, played an instrumental part in expanding DTS’ client base, and developed new strategies to incorporate technology across RESPEC’s services and markets. In addition to leading teams and projects, David actively recruited students from the University of North Texas to RESPEC offices, building a solid talent pipeline between the two entities.  

Following Meagan Chaddick’s appointment as Senior Vice President of DTS in 2022, David’s accomplishments made him the natural choice to succeed her as Vice President. “David has been my better half for the last 5 years. RESPEC’s technology division would never be where it is today without him,” says Meagan Chaddick. “David makes everyone around him better. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in technology, but his ability to bring people together through technology is truly amazing.”  

As Vice President, David’s goals will focus on transitioning DTS into a sales-driven entity by establishing a business development team to consistently fill the pipeline with new opportunities; developing a vision strategy and future technology ideas for DTS, including plans to develop AI solutions for other business units or emerging partners; and identifying opportunities to bring in new people, services, and markets.  

“My favorite thing is team building and creating a strong sense of community,” says David. “At DTS, we prioritize a culture that aligns with RESPEC’s core values and provides opportunities for personal and professional growth. I’m excited to bring people onto the team to help us reach our larger goals as an organization.”

Please join us in congratulating David Gallegos on his promotion to Vice President! 

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