Sensible Development for the Community and the Environment

With more than 40 years of experience in residential and commercial development-related services, RESPEC has extensive expertise in developing residential layouts, commercial site plans, and drainage solutions as well as grading and site cost optimization. RESPEC also offers technical expertise relating to water and sewer systems for comprehensive planning.

Our team’s combined technical experience and engineering services for residential and commercial development provides a streamlined and proven project management process for cost-efficient planning and development. We work with all stakeholders throughout the planning, designing, and construction process to guarantee that your project is successfully completed without complications.

/ Develop long-term relationships.
/ Provide tireless communication.
/ Know the approval process.
/ Seek opportunities that save project construction dollars. on projects
/ Understand the importance of time to developers, especially for projects with external financing.
/ Employ more than 300 employees throughout the US and Canada.

What has RESPEC accomplished?
/ Completed several community master plans that encompass totaling over 10,000 acres
/ Increased absorption and maximized return on investment while having maintaining a well-planned community
/ Provided site planning for thousands of apartment units in multiple states
/ Designed over more than 5,000 residential lots in multiple states
/ Provided planning, design, and management services for over $100 million in construction costs
/ Planned, designed, and managed installation of hundreds of miles of water, sanitary, and storm utilities related to land-development projects.

  • RESPEC's Capabilities Include:

    • Project Planning
    • Permit Compliance
    • Master Planning and Design
    • Proforma and Feasibility Studies
    • Residential Lot Planning
    • Multifamily Residential Planning and Design
    • Commercial Site Development
    • Infrastructure Planning and Design
    • Site Grading, Drainage Design, and Floodplain Analysis
    • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
    • Development Management
    • Project Management
    • Construction Management and Observation Services

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